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  • Fast


    How about building websites and apps in minutes.

  • Clean


    Control over source code, no more zombie code arounds.

  • Cheap


    Ship with less fee to pay is always good.

  • Modern


    Mordern SPA makes professional.

  • Hybrid


    Single code base for website and app.

  • Serverless


    No complex servers to manage, just coding.

  • Easy CMS

    Easy CMS

    No complex dashboard, familiar spreadsheet is enough.

How to start?
In 3 simple steps
  • Step 1: Install Sheetbase CLI

    npm i -g @sheetbase/cli

    Then grant access to your Google account, for automatically setup the project.

    sheetbase google connect
  • Step 2: Start a new project.

    sheetbase start <projectName>

    The command will create a project with the Basic Angular theme. See more themes.

  • Step 3: Awesome! Now building something great.

    Need help? Please see the docs.

    P/S: Getting started even faster with ready-to-use themes, see below. :)

Check out some ready-to-use themes
More helps here

Sheetbase CLI

Official CLI for working with Sheetbase projects.

npm i -g @sheetbase/cli

Sheetbase Tools

A Google Sheets add-on to better work with Spreadsheet.

Install add-on
Know more about Sheetbase
  • 1.What is Sheetbase?

    Sheetbase is a platform for developing websites and apps using Google products for free and modern.

  • 2.Is Sheetbase free?

    Yes, Sheetbase is free to use, mostly licensing under the MIT license.

  • 3.Is Sheetbase for developer only?

    For now, to use Sheetbase you must have the programing skill.

  • 4.Is Sheetbase for Javascript only?

    You can use Sheetbase with any programing language, as long as it is able to connect a REST API.

  • 5.What's the difference between Sheetbase and Wordpress?

    With Sheetbase, you need no server, no PHP, no MySQL; a single page application is all.

  • 6.What's the difference between Sheetbase and Firebase?

    Firebase is for large applications with complexity, Sheetbase for small and medium apps that easy for starters.

  • 7.Is Sheetbase for production use?

    Yes, Sheetbase is using for production websites can that handle thousands visiters a day.

  • 8.I need help?

    Please send us email to

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