What is Sheetbase?


Sheetbase is a platform that provide tools for developing modern websites and apps using free cloud services provided by Google.

It is free and fast for developer to build a product that do not carry heavy workload.


A Sheetbase project (aka. a Sheetbase Theme/Website/App) contains the BACKEND part and the FRONTEND part, communicates via REST API.


At the server (backend)

The backend code runs in a cloud environment provides by Google Apps Script, which features come from a wide range of Google services: Google Sheets for Database, Drive for Storage, Gmail for Mailing, ... and other non-Google services by the external API.

At the client (frontend)

The client side powered by modern Javascript technology and any system that is able to contact a REST API server.

What news?

It's been some time since the first introducing of Sheetbase, the feedback is great, so we decided to push the platform further by rebuilding mostly every parts of it, includes:

Hope you enjoy! Love <3