Getting started

Getting started

Using Sheetbase to build a website/app.


You can use Sheetbase platform to build a REST API only (see below) or a fully functional app.


Install the Sheetbase CLI, it is the main tool for developing project. Make sure you have Node and npm installed, see Evironment setup for more.

npm install -g @sheetbase/cli@latest

Setup Google account

Enable Apps Script API, go to, then enable the API.

Add and manage Google Apps Script from your Google Drive:

My Drive (click dropdown) > More > Connect more apps > (search for Google Apps Script) > Connect

Start an app

Run this command to create a new app, replace project_name with your app name (remember to double quote if the name contains space).

sheetbase start <project_name>

Example: sheetbase start myapp or sheetbase start "My Awesome Website"

Or manually, clone a theme from the themes list:

Install dependencies

The CLI skip installing npm dependencies (npm install), you need to install them before start developing.

Install backend dependencies:

cd backend && npm install

Install frontend dependencies:

cd frontend && npm install

If you wish the CLI to install dependencies for you, add -i (--install) flag with start command: sheetbase start myapp -i.


The Sheetbase CLI provides convenient commands for easily build and deploy a Sheetbase project.

The backend (server)

For an app, backend code lives in backend/ folder.

  • Test: $ sheetbase backend test (npm run test)
  • Build: $ sheetbase backend build (npm run build)
  • Push code: $ sheetbase backend push (update code in the Apps Script server, without redeploy the webapp)
  • Deploy: $ sheetbase backend deploy (push code, save new version and redeploy the webapp)

The frontend (client)

For an app, frontend code lives in frontend/ folder.

  • Test: $ sheetbase frontend test (npm run test)
  • E2E: $ sheetbase frontend e2e (npm run e2e)
  • Build: $ sheetbase frontend build (npm run build)
  • Prerender: $ sheetbase frontend prerender (prerender content, save sitemap.xml & robots.txt)
  • Deploy: $ sheetbase frontend deploy (redeploy to a static server)

Build a REST API server

If you only wish to build a REST API server, then clone the blank backend app from:

It just like buidling a full app, but without the frontend part.

Project customization checklist

Before starting develop the backend and frontend code. You may want to edit these files to customise your project.

  • package.json
  • screenshot.jpg
  • sheetbase.json (DO NOT change auto generated values, and remember to run sheetbase config update after changing the file)
  • frontend/src/index.html (title)
  • frontend/src/app/app.config.ts (project may have separated frontend configs)
  • Frontend theming, for Angular + Ionic, frontend/src/theme/variables.scss and Sheetbase theming frontend/projects/<theme_name>/src/lib/theming/variables.scss

You want also want to build and deploy the backend for Review permissions, see Publishing backend for more.