Environment Setup

Environment Setup

To get started with Sheetbase, the only requirement is a Node & npm environment.

Of course, you will also need an editor. We recommend VS Code, a free, batteries-included text editor made by Microsoft.

Node & npm

Almost all tooling for modern JavaScript projects is based in Node.js. The download page has prebuilt installation packages for all platforms. We recommend selecting the LTS version to ensure best compatibility.

Node is bundled with npm, the package manager for JavaScript.

To verify the installation, open a new terminal window and run:

node --version
npm --version


Git is required for publishing the frontend to Gihub Pages, the version control system Git is highly recommended. First, install the command-line utility from the download page.

To verify the installation, open a new terminal window and run:

git --version

Setup Google account

Enable Apps Script API

Sheetbase hosts the backend on Google Apps Script, it needs to enable first, go to, then enable the API. Manage your Google Apps Script projects at

Connect Apps Script in Drive

Add and manage Google Apps Script from your Google Drive.

My Drive (click dropdown) > More > Connect more apps > (search for Google Apps Script) > Connect

Install Google Clasp

Google clasp is a tool for developing Google Apps Script project locally. To install, run:

npm install -g @google/clasp