Config the project

Main configuration file is sheetbase.json. You can config your project by edit this file.

The configs field is for app configuration, after changing the value you need to run $ sheetbase config update to update config files in the backend and frontend folders. Or set values by running $ sheetbase config set key=value, this is the recommended way to set app configs.

sheetbase config set key=value

There may be a frontend app config file, for Angular apps, it located in frontend/src/app/app.config.ts. We not include this config file to sheetbase.json in case you want to reuse the frontend with different backend stack but not the Sheetbase backend.


Project Drive folder, this value was created and set automatically when starting a project using the Sheetbase CLI $ sheetbase start ...

You should NOT change this value. To quickly view this folder in your Google Drive, run $ sheetbase url -o drive.


All Sheetbase related backend and frontend app configs comes here.

  backend: {
    // [key: string]: any,
  frontend: {
    // [key: string]: any,


Use to tells the CLI if a config value belong to the backend or the frontend, when set value using $ sheetbase config set key=value.

  backend: [], // string[]
  frontend: [], // string[]


This tells the CLI how to display and open project urls correctlly when running $ sheetbase urls and $ sheetbase url -o ....

  // [config_key: string]: [name: string, url_prefix: string, url_suffix: string]

  any: ['foo', '']


When running $ sheetbase setup, there are custom theme config values can be created and set automatically. See a list of built-in hooks:

  // [config_key: string]: [description: string, hookName: string, ... hook_args: []]

  key: ['My secret key', 'randomStr']


Built-in models,

// result is 3 sheets: categories, posts, terms
  // a list of names
  // custom
    "from": "categories", // use categories schema
    "name": "terms", // rename categories -> terms
    "public": true, // override public status
    "gid": "201", // new unique gid for public sheet


Deployment configs for easily deploy frontend app with the Sheetbase CLI. For now, it supports deploying to Github Pages, later supported for Firebase, shared hosting, server, ...

  provider: 'github',
  url: 'https://<org><repo>', // Github domain or custom domain
  srcDir: '', // path to 'src' folder, default: ./frontend/src
  wwwDir: '', // path to 'www' folder, default: ./frontend/www
  stagingDir: '', // custom staging folder, default: ~/sheetbase_staging/<project_name>
  destination: {
    gitUrl: '<org>/<repo>.git', // github .git url
    // master: true, // use master branch else user gh-pages branch


There are two files live in frontend/src/, the prerender.json for config prerendering and the robots.txt for SEO.

robots.txt follows the standard format,

Prerendering config format:

// frontend/src/prerender.json
  "items": [ // list of string or config object
    'contact', // <url>/contact
    'page/abc', // .../page/abc
    // load all items from database
    // then prerender items
      "from": "categories", // categories sheet
      "location": "category", // .../category/<category_key>
      // these value assist sitemap.xml generation
      "changefreq": "yearly",
      "priority": "0.3"
      "from": "xxx", // xxx sheet
      "location": "xxx", // .../xxx/<key>
      "keyField": "slug" // use 'slug' instead of '$key'
      "from": "posts",
      "location": "post", // .../post/<post_key>
      "changefreq": "daily",
      "priority": "1.0",
      // post segments
      "segments": [
          // post.type === 'article'
          "where": "type",
          "equal": "article",
          // .../location/<post_key>
          "location": "article",
          // override sitemap configs
          "changefreq": "weekly",
          "priority": "0.9"
  // include a loading screen
  // true = default loading screen
  "loading": /* true */ { // or custom
    "html": "<div class=\"prerender-loading-screen\">Loading ...</div>",
    "css": ".prerender-loading-screen{color:'red';}"