Sheetbase Angular

Sheetbase Angular is a wrapper of @sheetbase/client for Angular apps.

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Getting started

Install: npm install --save @sheetbase/client @sheetbase/angular

import { initializeApp } from '@sheetbase/client/app';
import { SheetbaseService } from '@sheetbase/angular';

// create a Sheetbase app
const sheetbaseApp = initializeApp(/* options */);

// init the Sheetbase service

// using
const result = await this.sheetbaseService.api().get('/');


  • SheetbaseService: wrapper of Sheetbase app
  • ApiService: wrapper of app.api()
  • DatabaseService: wrapper of app.database()
  • AuthService: wrapper of app.auth()
  • MailService: wrapper of app.mail()
  • StorageService: wrapper of
  • LocalstorageService: wrapper of app.localstorage()
  • CacheService: wrapper of app.cache()
  • FetchService: wrapper of app.fetch()
  • AppService: app stuffs
  • NavService: navigation
  • DataService: useful data methods
  • CurrencyService: format and convert currency
  • DateService: format date time


  • sheetbase-oauth-popup: oauth popup handler
  • sheetbase-oops: 404 component
  • sheetbase-skeleton: skeleton component


  • filter: simple filter
  • o2a: turn object into array
  • safe: safe html binding or url